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Why are so many marriages failing?

Marriages failing

Marriage is hard work. I mean it can be really hard. I’m talking about a ‘good’ marriage, let’s not even discuss a ‘bad’ one. We should not be surprised then that divorce rates are so high. According to recent estimations, the divorce rate in the US is 53%. However Europe[…]

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You are getting married for the wrong reason

Married for Wrong Reasons

Why do you want to get married? This is a question I have posed to thousands of young men and women over the years who are of marriageable age. The answers I have received have been many and varied. “I want to have children” said one young woman. “I want[…]

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Enough With the Ghosting – Have a Real Break Up!

Emily is a very attractive and smart young woman working as an assistant DA in New York. After going on Birthright, she began taking classes and attending programs at the Birthright Alumni Center in NYC where I have worked for the past eleven years. It is not uncommon for guys[…]

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